a,   create enterprise hosting platform for SMEs is Enterprise service platform with company registration, agency accounting, tax planning and financing loans as its main business. Since its inception, the company';s steady development, the total registered customers in more than 30000 home, bookkeeping customers more than 10,000, the cumulative tax savings of several hundred million SMEs, get more than the average for the enterprise 6 million tax saving concessions , total cumulative financing over one billion yuan.

years of business experience and more than hundreds of professional teams, and distributed in Shanghai core CBD area; font-family: Times New Roman; color:rgb (51,51,51); font-size:19px"> create enterprises SME hosting platforms Internet technology and business services sectors combined, Committed to providing a full range of one-stop entrepreneurial services for corporate clients, with a unique process service model in the industry, the industry';s premier productivity.

record companies uphold professionalism, integrity, service, win-win concept, focusing on the SME registration, finance, personnel, intellectual property, financing, tax planning, etc. service, Shanghai is one of the largest of its kind business services; in "entrepreneurship and innovation" in the background, where Internet thinking everywhere

our advantage : The company has a team of professional accountants, business registration team, customer service team, finance team, the tax team to help customers solve various taxation issues, accounting issues, tax issues raised And financing issues.

two , Business Overview

1.     7 9861x/span> registered company  

2.     bookkeeping

3.     personnel agency

4.   & nbsp; trademark agent

5.     government support fund grants, company financing

6.     tax planning

7.     400 images phone application

8614 93x        office rental

9.        legal advice

10.     finance loans